Friday, July 29, 2005

One Woman's Junk

Last night I realized that I've gotten off track a bit. I took a bit too much time off of continuing to clean out all the stuff I don't need. Even though I've carted out numerous boxes it's still a tight space and I need to keep at it.

I was making a list of all the things I was to do to create more space in here and my thoughts turned to my desk. At the moment I'm working on a desk that's 20.5 inches front to back and almost exactly 3 feet wide. My laptop takes up most of that space. Even if I push it back as far as it goes, I still don't have enough room to lay my school books out. I've pondered buying a loft bed from Ikea for some time now. The one I want to get can come with a desk attachment for underneath that measures about 3 feet front to back and 6 feet wide. That would be perfect - except it would cost me $400. I'm thinking of selling my own handmade beaded jewelry, as well as this desk, my two mp3 players and some other small things to help fund the purchase. I'd be getting rid of things I don't want in exchange for something I need. Cross your fingers for me! +o)

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