Friday, July 22, 2005

Hot, Hot, Hotter

Hooo-weee it's hot out here! I'm glad it's going to be getting a few degrees cooler in the coming days, it's just that titch too hot. Thankfully my family and I are well prepared with an air conditioner shooting its icy goodness into the living room. +o)

Tomorrow should be cooler and I'll be able to enjoy my walk around Fishtrap Creek again. I want to take some pictures and share its beauty with you all. Plus, huffing it around the paths will be good training for the 2.5K happening in September. The last time I was there, a couple days ago, there was a gaggle of geese in part of the pathway. It was so awe inspiring to see them all having a rest on the grass. I also found a good handful of can tabs to be donated to the Kidney Foundation. As I always say, every thousand gives someone a free dialysis session! If you have any, send them in to the foundation or to me and I'll forward them along.

Well, I'm tuckered out. Have a good one, everyone!

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