Friday, July 1, 2005


It makes my stomach turn hearing my father talk about how he doesn't want gay programs on tv; that he doesn't mind gay people, he just doesn't want to see them kiss or hold hands, and "why can't they speak like normal human beings?!" Ugh... Then I get to hear him go on about how girls are "practically naked" today and insinuates that they should expect to be raped and killed. It's difficult to have my Grandmother up for a few days only because my dad wants so badly to impress her and because she's a complainer (she's already complained and gave a guilt trip for them being 15 minutes late to pick her up) he wants to complain about things that she might agree with him about. I just hate the complaints with every fiber of my being. The things my father says goes against everything I believe. It offends me.


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