Monday, June 6, 2005

Vaseline Is Our Friend

My nose has finally become red and raw from blowing practically nothing out since Friday. To save it from making me wince in pain I've discovered the delights of vaseline. Keeps the nose moist, blow after blow. Ahhh... *cough cough* Now to find a way to get my hearing back. My left ear is completely blocked, and the right is a good 60% blocked. In some ways it's nice not to hear all the wasted breath around here, but it's annoying when it's directed to me and I can't hear it. At least I get to eat as much ice cream as I want without feeling guilty since it's the only thing that soothes my throat ,o) Lucky me.

Since I've become rediculously sick all I've wanted to do is watch movies and sleep. I rented 4 on Sunday: Team America, White Noise, National Treasure, and the one and only (drum roll, please!) - Spongebob Squarepants the movie! They were all fun, but it was sad that I couldn't laugh as heartily as I wanted to while watching Team America. The theme song (Team America - fuck yeah! -something, something- to save the motherfuckin' day, yeah!) alone had me squigling with laughter.

Sidenote: Anyone see a naked Jason Mraz in the new summer issue of Jane magazine? (one, two) I love the tattoo he has on his shoulder, "rest area". Gotta love the m-r-a-zee!


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