Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunday Savings

I'm feeling almost back to normal today. Although, half the day was spent trying to find something to help my aching jaw. Mom has said that she takes a T3 -and- an ibuprophen when her back starts acting up, so I figured I'd give it a try. Works like a hot damn! I've been pain-free ever since. I'm glad to have found something that works. Now when I start to feel something going on in my jaw I'll know what to do.

I've been thinking of how I've never been able to save money. It always seems that when the end of the month comes I have to take from what I've socked away. I've created an Alaskan Cruise Fund (really it's just my elephant shaped piggy bank) to throw my coins in hopes that one day I'll have enough to set sail. I've currently got $5.15 in and will be doing my damnedest to keep it in there and continue to save. If that goes well, I'm going to start a 'Condo Downpayment Fund' and see where that goes. I've added a donation button under 'Other Stuff' if anyone has a few pennies to spare. No donation is too small. Together we can teach me how to save responsibly!

Speaking of the Condo Downpayment Fund, I received an advertisement for a new condo building that's being built near the mall and bus exchange. It looked so good I couldn't help but kick myself for not saving for my future earlier. Mind you, I do have a few thousand saved in RRSPs, but that's not money I can get my hands on for another 5 years. The mortgage payments for a 2 bed 2 bath were approximated at $750ish and they'd throw in a 42" flat screen tv. Each condo included hardwood floors, granite counters, and oversized windows. I wish so bad that I could snap that up that I've thrown myself into a tizzy. All I can think of is how I could access money. But then again, my credit is pretty crappy so I'm not sure if a bank would actually give me a mortgage so I could buy one of those places. Where's my future rich husband when I need him? ,o)

All these thoughts on buying property has got me fleshing out a budget. I've decided to use the extra cash I get with my next student loan to put towards a downpayment for a condo. I'm going to put it into my new ING Direct savings account which earns me 2.4% interest. I'm also going to put my GST refund cheques towards the downpayment, as well as 10% of whatever income I get each month. Cross your fingers for me.


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