Thursday, June 9, 2005

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Well do I ever have a story to tell you! I had to break out the big guns (Oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches) in celebration of getting the diagnosis that's going to have me on the road to recovery in a jiffy!

Last night I was feeling pretty miserable with my drippy nose, sore throat and aching head. So miserable in fact that I had to go and invest in some shopping therapy. I went to the Bay which was having a big sale and bought cute brown & pink runners for $28, and then 2 Paul Frank tshirts for $20 each (that was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up!). By the end of my shopping spree my jaw was beginning to ache like nobody's business and I wanted to go home and sit in adulation of my pretty, new things.

As the hours passed and bedtime loomed closer I felt more and more achey. Nothing I did helped. I took acetaminophen - nothing. I tool ibuprophen - nothing. Finally I asked if I could have one of Mom's Tylenol 3's with caffeine and codeine - nothing. I tried another T3 - again, nothing. I began to get really upset - how was I supposed to get to sleep with this ridiculously sore jaw? What could help stifle the pain of that and also my increasingly sore cheeks?

I spent the rest of the night praying for daylight. I had to go to the doctor one last time. The last time I had gone to the walk-in clinic the doctor basically told me to suffer with the discomfort and see what happens a few days from then. Last night I was in ridiculous pain and knew something was wrong. I knew I needed to see a doctor that wouldn't just pass me along, but listen to my recollections of the past week and the progression of my infections.

Thankfully time came this morning, and I found myself at the clinic and I feebly told my story to a doctor I'd never seen before. I told him my jaw was in serious pain and that I could barely even brush my cheeks without throwing them into agony. He immediately said that it sounded like a sinus infection. After checking my throat and ears he said that my strep throat wasn't fully healed, my ears (especially my left ear) was infected and so was my sinuses and prescribed me a stronger antibiotic since the previous wasn't really working. When it rains it pours, doesn't it?

You know when you get that feeling that everything's going to be okay? I had that feeling leaving the doctor's office and happily headed off to WalMart to have the prescrippy filled. Ever since then I've been taking it easy, napping and drinking a bunch of tea with honey and white cranberry with peach juice which has a lot of vitamine c. I also celebrated with blue bubblegum ice cream. Mmmm....

I feel a lot better already. This evening at about 11pm I felt my ears unblock a little, so I'm not totally deaf anymore. Whew... that's a good feeling. With the pain almost completely gone I'm sure I'll be able to finally get some real sleep tonight.


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