Saturday, May 21, 2005


This has been such a run-around week. Especially the last couple days. Thursday I had a hair appointment at 10am - I was getting the remaining black removed from my hair. Since I colored my hair black I haven't been able to color my hair without the black parts going blacker and the rest going the color on the box. I just wanted one uniform color. So, we did a color remove and then dyed me a gorgeous natural brown. I'm in love with it! I took pictures on my camera phone while I had coffee and waited for my next appointment time of the day (this time with my doctor). Unfortunately, I've forgotten how to send them to my email, so I'm going to read the manual tomorrow and see what I can find out. While waiting for my 2:20pm appointment with my doctor I hung around the local coffee shop and had a hazelnut mocha - it was so scrumptious that it's all I can think about these days! My appointment time came and I headed to the doctor to get a prescription refill and speak to him about the migraines I get. I've been tracking them for the last few months and they seem to be hormone related. Once my hormone levels go down, my migraines appear. He said we should try a different kind of birth control pill called micronor, which is sort of like depo but in pill form. These are taken in 29 day cycles, but consecutively. I'm quite interested to see how they work out. The last prescription felt more like a count down to migraines, hopefully this will cut down the amount of migraines I get or at least dull them to something I can handle. SIDE NOTE: While I was out that day I picked up a copy of the National Post which had an article about pets being prescribed antidepressants. Supposedly 3-6% of all pets are taking antidepressants because they are either depressed or very anxious. It mentioned that these pets were either listless or showing obsessive/compulsive behaviors like liking their fur right off. Weird, huh?

Friday was just as crazy. Mom had a hair appointment at Renaissance and I tagged along to offer suggestions. She had her hair trimmed up an inch at the back and started training it to go into the bob style she was wanting to grow it out to eventually. It looked great when it was finished +o) We then ran over to my nail fill appointment. They kept the front door open at all times, and on such a thundery, rainy day I was an ice cube by the time we left. We had a few other things to do before we headed home like dropping off some stuff at a company we subcontract from and picking up our ebay packages at the post office. I was so happy to get my shoes and matching purse! I'll post pictures after Mom gets home from her cruise next week.

I'm just about to slump over the computer and nap, so I really should get to bed. Hope all is well with all of you!


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