Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cleaning, Danish, TV, and School

As I've said many times, I have a lot of stuff. Today I cleaned out my dresser and magazine pile. Lately I've been getting into the habit of ripping out the pages I want to save once I've read the magazine, but there was a lot of back issues that I had put in the corner a while ago thinking I wanted to save them. I got rid of at least a foot's worth. Later in the day I'll be going through my other dresser which is filled with old perfume, things to hang on the wall and hobby stuff. Slowly but surely I'll get through it all.

I wasn't able to get to Tim Horton's when their maple days were happening, but when I was there today I noticed they had some of the maple goodies still in rotation. The moment I took the first bite out of their maple & pecan danish all other pasteries fell out of my favorites list and this became tops. I couldn't believe how delicious it was! Let's just say I'm glad the closest Timmy's isn't within walking distance - I'd be one BIG girl! ,o)

In the last few years I've gotten out of the habit of watching tv. Lately, though, I've programed iCal to buzz a message when a few of the shows I want to see are coming on. One being Angels in America. I never got the chance to see it last time it ran, so I was happy to see that it's repeating on Showcase. I've enjoyed it thus far. I can't wait to see what happens with the angel. I'm also tuning in to Revelations each week. Anyone else watching that? I was away from my computer last Wednesday and accidentally missed that episode. What happened??? Pam Anderson has a show called Stacked on right before Revelations, so I tend to tune in. I get a good chuckle out of the writing. There's some funny quips in there.

I'm really enjoying this semester at school so far. I go in to my stats class every Wednesday and I'll be going in more often to use the computer lab since my computer's Excel program doesn't have the add-in needed to do the assignments. My other class is online so I can do that at any time of the day or night. I might end up taking more online classes next semester.


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