Monday, April 11, 2005

School's Out For... well, a bit.

This is my first weekday that I don't have to go to school. YAY! School's out until May 9th. Mind you I have 2 papers due, one on the 12th the other on the 15th so I'm getting them done. I'm enjoying the awesome stylings of K's digitalEVOLUTION and some Lamb. I have to find my portishead disc, I'm really in the mood for some of that, too.

I bought and mounted a magnetic dry erase board a few days ago. Now I have a great place to stick all my John Mayer magnets as well as my "messy/very messy room" magnet and the magnet I bought from a SuicideGirl. I'm going to dig out my Cartman magnet that B bought me many years ago. Whee... my magnet addiction is coming along nicely +o)

I watched a wack of movies on Saturday. In the morning Tig and I watched The Village. I loved it mainly because Joaquin Phoenix was in it. I've had a bit of a crush on him since I saw him in a tin foil dunce cap in Signs. Saturday night I saw Saw and was thankful Tig was there. We both jumped at a few scenes. Being that the movie ended at 12:30ish am, and I was eyeing my closet more than I should've I flipped over to The Notebook which was playing at 1. I'm definitely buying this one - it was just too sweet. And the next morning I watched Ray. Absolutely amazing movie! I totally understand why it received so many awards.

Well, I should get myself a coffee and get back to my papers. Have a good one, everyone!


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