Sunday, December 26, 2004


So what did everyone get for Christmas?

I got a heating blanket for my bed which is under the window and can be freezing in the winter, some incense, a bunch of clothes that I picked out and a velour track suit I didn't know about, a set of 3 ghost story books, a pair of gorgeous leather gloves, a starbucks coffee card and ground coffee (I'll definitely be awake for classes this school semester!), very cute jewelry, a whole wack of movies (more about that below), shampoo and conditioner plus a discount card from my favorite salon, a gorgeous glass 3 in 1 gaming set, more candy than I can eat in a lifetime, and the book "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" which I wanted so badly. For a Christmas where we all said we'd make it more simple, I really did well for myself. I still have that kid-like, "WOW! Look what I got!" feeling. YaY +o)

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