Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Not Really Off-Off

I was reading all the biotechnology essays in my English text today, figuring and mapping out what I will be writing about come the exam. I think I'm just going to take one of our in class discussions and turn its outcome into the essay I'll be writing. I always find it difficult to get good studying done the closer it gets to Christmas. My head tends to be thinking more about what I have to do for the holidays than what I have to do to finish the courses I've had. Once I make it to Saturday it'll all be over and I can fully concentrate on holiday fun.

Since I've been looking at a lot of sale papers I've created a list of things I really want to save my pennies for this coming year. I've wanted to upgrade my mp3 player for a while now. From 64mb to 256mb with an fm tuner. Just recently I found a deal at Rogers where, if you buy a 3 year cell phone contract you'll get a 125mb mp3 player with an fm tuner free. I was pondering that since my cell contract runs out March 5. Then I got to thinking, 'Is 125mb enough?' There are a ton of songs I'd like to be able to switch between when I'm out and about. Then I thought about one of those cute little iPod minis in pink - but that doesn't have an fm tuner. Arg... frustration. The only other thing I'm wanting to save up for is a 1" button maker. There are just too many images I'd turn into buttons! Looks like I'll be saving for a while.

I was getting some odd jobs done today. I just realized that, unfortunately, I left my last load of laundry in the dryer. Ooops. Other than that, things are getting done. I'm trying to clean up before Christmas since it would be nice to end the year with a tidy room. Part of that clean up, and the one I'm dreading the most, is putting together ebay lots. I'm going to be clearing out all that I have. Big clearace sales ,o) I've found what sells and what I have needs to be either sold or given to charity. I have a lot, so someone might be enjoying a well-clothed new year.

I watched a bit of the documentary, "War in Colour" this evening. As much as I love to see 1944 in color, it still wrecks me to see dead bodies litering shorelines. I'm not squeemish about the bodies themselves, but knowing that they were alive just moments before stuns me silent.

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