Wednesday, August 4, 2004


I feel crappy today, like all I've eaten all day was junk (which isn't the case). Maybe it's because I've only been taking half (10mg) of my paxil meds this week? Maybe it's because I'm off work for a short while and have been staying up too late and sleeping in too long? Maybe it's all of that?

I was organizing all the stuff for ebay today. I really can't believe there's so much to be sold! I figure I'll give it 30 days - if certain items aren't selling, I'll give them to the good will.

I took the stud out of my lip today. Yes, I've given up hope that the keloid around the hole will heal with it in there. I'm going to call Felicia, the lovely lady who pierced me, and ask what I can do to get rid of it. In the last month I've tried sea salt soaks many times during the day but every time I'd leave it for the night I'd wake up the next morning with it back to it's normal size. I've also tried olive oil, which hasn't worked as well. I really have no idea what to do now.

Anywho... off to bed.

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