Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday Night Review

I feel like babbling on and on about nothing tonight.

I had a fantastic weekend. I sat downstairs (it was way cooler than the 30+C upstairs) reading my Harry Potter books. I started the first in the series on Friday night while waiting for my folks to buy outdoor carpet for the new deck, and finished it the next night at 6pm! I started the second book that night and I'm still reading it. Lots of fun - especially when you read pieces that weren't in the movies.

Dad installed the air conditioner in the dining-room window today. I'm amazed at how well it cools the upstairs! Last night it was a few degrees cooler downstairs, tonight upstairs is the coolest place to be. It sure makes a difference when it's 30+ in the house. Now I can shower and not worry "I'm just gonna get all sweaty again after, so what's the point?". Ahhh the life of luxury!

I've been babying my lip piercing lately. For some unknown reason it suddenly became swollen a week ago. Sea salt soaking doesn't seem to be working. I've heard a gal in my favorite piercing forum mention that her piercer recomended making a paste out of asprin and applying it to the keloid she had. She said it would take the swelling down and heal up the keloid. Unfortunately I only have entric coated asa, so I'll be popping out tomorrow to pick some uncoated asprin up. I'll try that as a last resort and if it doesn't work, I'm taking the stud out. I keep biting down on the flat backing of my lip stud, making it very unhappy with me to start with. I'm sure it'll be happy to have that stud out. And plus, I still have my labret stud. The only problem is that I just ordered a 16g ring for it. Nice and thin and pretty and snug. Damn. I hope the asa works. Cross your fingers!

I'm very proud of myself. I've been eating more healthy foods and less junk lately. I'm trying to cut my desire for junk down to a minimum and by the looks of it I'm doing well so far. Mind you, it's easy when you stock your house with healthy treats. I also find I don't want as many snacks when I eat healthier ones.

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