Wednesday, July 7, 2004


So, I've been bored with life as of late. I'm going through another "it's not fun doing things alone" phase. I want to be in the party. Laugh, joke, smile - all of those wonderful things. The only problem is that people think you're crazy when you're laughing, joking and smiling with no one else but yourself. *sigh* Sometimes I hate it that my friends are so far away and we're all broke. If I had the $20 for a ride to and from the city, I'd go. Unfortunately I don't . Bugger.

I have found a few things to do via a "Visit Abbotsford" website. One thing I'm fairly excited about - and didn't even know we had - indoor rock climbing! I have to call them up and see what it would cost to have a go at the rock wall some time. I'm still looking for some kind of dance lesson - preferably the jitterbug or something else fun like that. Would make a fun once-a-week outing .

Welp.... More later. *muah*

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