Thursday, June 24, 2004

Wednesday Recap

Mom and I were out at the Bay and Sears earlier after she returned home from a pre-op appointment (she's going to have a pinched nerve fixed up at the hospital today) in Coquitlam. We were looking for something snazzy to wear to my cousin Jamie's wedding. I found a beautiful skirt for a mere twenty bucks, some dress shoes for twenty-four bucks, and a matching purse for fourty bucks. All of which I can wear again, since they're pretty but not over-the-top dressy. Mom had a harder time finding something to wear, although we found a bunch of casual wear that would look great on her. Always the way, isn't it? We're going to hit Cleo very soon.

I haven't had a good go on the treadmill in a while and it's driving me batty. I think about it at 10:30pm every night and then it seems too late. I'll jump on after I have my morning coffee.

Speaking of fitness... The new edition of Self came in the mail the other day. I read that running actually creates more endorphins than walking, so I might give that a go for a while. If, of course, I can motivate myself to get on the bloody treadmill ,o) I suppose the more I try to get on it, the more it'll become a healthy habit. Twenty minutes won't kill me.

Since the cleaning routine allows me 10 minutes to air-dry my leg before slapping on some vitamin A&D ointment I've been using those minutes for sea salt soaking my lip piercing. I'd been neglecting the keloid around it for some time. It's getting better, thank God! As for the tattoo, it's in the itchy, scabbing stage. No scratchy, no picky!

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