Monday, June 28, 2004

Summer Living

Monday was one of those as-prefect-as-it-can-get days today. Mom went off to her UVB treatment this morning and arrived back home in time to start work with me at 9am. At about 9:30 the dj on the radio reminded us it was voting day, so the whole family walked over to our polling station and did our Canadian duty. Mom and I must've been hard at work for at least 30 minutes when Hanne knocked on the door for a tea break. All in all we had a good, long work day - 5 whole hours! ,o)

My Mary Kay Lightweight Moisturizer arrived in the mail today. YaY! I've never used a moisturizer better suited to me before, and I'm lovin' it! Because I had used up all the MK moisturizer sample packets, I began using an older moisturizer I had in my "Bin O' Beauty" (better known as the "Cosmetics Cemetery" under my desk) and within two uses I began finding zits popping up. I looked at the "Best Before" date - January 2004. Needless to say, I chucked it.

I registered for September classes. Well, I waitlisted myself for four classes. I have to call Student Financial Aid Services Tuesday morning to find out how this effects my soon-to-be-applied-for student loan. If I'm not officially registered until I weasel my way into those classes in September, do I have to wait until then to apply? Hrmm... Maybe I'll have to apply for it now, but it won't be issued until I'm officially registered? We shall see.

My family and I are going to see Two Brothers at the theater on Cheap-Tuesday. YaY! I love tigers, and especially baby tigers. I'm quite excited to see this. Wheee...

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