Monday, June 14, 2004

Being Fat Sucks

I'm up to 150lbs again (from 146). I don't know if I'm retaining water from drinking so much Crystal Light (which has a wad of sodium), or from all the cakes and cookies and chocolate bars I've been eating. Either way, I have to get into a strict regiment of less garbage food and more exercise. I only wish I could find some sort of inspiration, something that will motivate me to make living right a daily habit.

I enjoyed being in school last semester because vegetable plates and Chicken Ceasars were under my nose, and I could walk halfway home and have my cardio done for the day. All I had to think of was strength training and stretching. Being off work you would think it would be even easier what with having a treadmill in my room, but no. I've gotten myself into the habit of getting up and playing on the computer half the day, and then I'm not in the mood.

There's two and a half to three months left before school starts. Do I try to work out now, or start when I get in school? I know that when it gets hotter than 25c I'm useless at exercise. I get over-heated and quit well before my muscles want to stop. On the other hand, I want to look good when I get to school. Decisions, decisions...

I received the image of my tattoo this evening. YaY! When I go into the shop tomorrow to get my tragus jewelry taken out (so I can pop in the new piece I bought) I'll ask when I can be scheduled in. It's going to be about two inches in length and about half an inch in width on my right ankle. I'll take pictures once it's done.

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