Thursday, May 13, 2004


I was looking at all my old web designs last night and came across one that was made 3 years ago. I had my weight down as 118lbs. Wow. What a difference 3 years makes. The last couple of weeks my scale has read 146lbs. Today I jumped on and found I'm back to 143lbs. I've been eatting better this past week: whole wheat pasta and whole grain bagels, very few junk foods, etc... Hopefully this will last and, coupled with the exercise I make myself do (as much as I can), maybe this drop in weight will continue?

My lip piercing is acting up again. If I had one, I'd put in a thin gauge, fitted ring. That would make it feel a lot better, I'm sure. But since I only have a tight fitting stud and no extra cash, I'm going to have to just baby it a lot. I'm swishing with sea salt and water as much as I can. Please Lord, let this heal quickly. Cross your fingers!

I signed up for myspace the other day. Fun stuff. I even stumbled upon my piercer!

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