Thursday, November 27, 2003

Thursday morning. Eeeearly morning...

It's past 2am and I'm up pondering life. Do I burn the jasmine insence or the sandalwood?

I was just about to rip open a package of banana-nut muffin mix this evening, when I realized we don't have the two eggs needed. Damn. I was really in the mood, too. On the topic of making things, I printed off a recipe last night, made it, tasted it, reread the recipe and found I had overlooked the baking soda. Oops.

I put rope lights up on my 1-foot-from-the-celing shelves. It looks so good. Cozy. Warm. Now to get rid of another batch of junk I don't need. I swiffered my floor. Found so many feathers I thought I might be housing a balding duck but didn't know it. Oy.

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