Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Welcome the new Hellkitten

A lovely lady whom I met at SG made a lil' hellkitten image for me. Please welcome Lil' Hellkitten to the site, she will be in charge of welcoming you to mew as well as showing you to the comments.

Oy... I've felt like crap lately. 35 degree-c heat never works for me. I should just gobble travel tabs and lay out in the sun, at least I'd get a tan! Last night, because it was so hot, I decided to sleep under the living room window (it's cooler there). I had such trouble getting to sleep that I ended up waking up at noon today! I've been out of it ever since. Yucky feeling. Luckily, the heat is cooling off and I'll be able to get regular rest and maybe even a little excercise?

I can't seem to find my eyeglasses perscription. I really hope the eye doc saved a copy! I have to get my glasses before the 9th of August. Don't want to be blind when I meet everyone!

By the by, this is fun.

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